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Do you know the difference between Leading, Managing and COACHING?

  • Are you a leader of others who is responsible for their effectiveness or ongoing development?

  • Do colleagues, customers or direct reports ever come to you for solutions to their problems?

  • Do you tend to engage others by giving answers rather than asking better questions?

  • Do you spend a lot of time "putting out fires" instead of innovating for the futures?

  • Do you sometimes struggle with change, especially when it requires the cooperation of others?

  • Would you being a professionally Trained and Certified Coach forward or enhance your career objectives?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions,

The 4D Transformative Coaching Program™ is an extraordinary professional development opportunity that can launch your career and/or business to the  next level of fulfillment and success.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could fully leverage the talents, skills and abilities of others by coaching them to be self reliant, responsible, creative and innovative.  

4D Transformative Coaching™ is the way.

What Will You Get:

Transformative Coaching™ is the combined artistic and scientific utilization of specific distinctions from existential and stoic philosophy along with the development of advanced communication skills using proven and proprietary models, frameworks and methologies for effective coaching.

  • Coaching Core Competencies

  • Existential Distinctions

    • One of the more unique aspects of the TCCP™ is the exploration and application of 16 key existential distinctions within social life based on the work of several philosophers, psychologists and other relevant social scientists.
    • The origins of these distinctions can be traced back to the writings of important thinkers throughout history including Epictetus, Kiekegaard, Heidegger, and Sartre as well as the seminal works of accomplished psychologists including Maslow, Jung, Skinner, Blanton and Haidt.
    • The conscientious study of their work allows for a much broader and deeper understanding of human life including social attitudes, behaviors and actions and the achievement of goals in modern society, and this learning gives leaders and coaches much greater clarity in recognizing and meeting the true desires and needs of clients and others.
  • Transformative Frameworks and Models

    • In addition to the exploration of key existential distinctions, the TCCP™ is grounded in the delivery and effective application of 17 behavioral frameworks and proven coaching models and methodologies of which 7 are the original creation of and are proprietary to 4D Associates International including: The 4D Relationship Model™, Human SPIN™, Transformative Coaching Flow™, 4D Personal Development Plan™, 4Q Questions Model™, FBID Feedback™, and The Source Continuum™.

Program Delivery

The TCCP™ encompasses 122 total hours of coach training, development & practice including synchronous (live) Training Modules and Coaching Conferences as well as asynchronous Educational Assignments and a logged Coaching Practicum. 


All synchronous (live) elements of the TCCP are delivered via Zoom Video Conference, which can be accessed using a webcam on any computer, tablet or mobil device.

  • 20 Coach Training Modules

    Participate in virtual coach training classrooms pre recorded content to learn the most important concepts a methods for effective 4D Transformative Coaching; Includes 148 page Coach Training Manual; Via Zoom Video Conference. (35 hours total)

  • Coaching Real Clients


    Enhance your Transformative Coaching effectiveness by delivering 22 hours of individual / group coaching sessions (logged). Plus give and receive feedback from 2 recorded hours of practice coaching. (24 hours total)

  • Live Review Content & Coaching Sessions

    Participate in live 2 hour Coaching Conferences and Module Reviews delivered by a 4D Certified Master Coach to experience and witness the unique qualities of effective Transformative Coaching and Q&A sessions; Via Zoom Conference.

    (40 hours total)

  • Final Written Exam & Personal Coaching

    Verify your proficiency of key Transformative Coaching concepts and skills. This timed (2 hour) Exam is completed online by a specified due date. Upon passing, receive a 1 hour Personal Coaching Session with a 4D Certified Coach.

  • Educational 


    Complete readings, writing assignments, interviews, and video reviews as well as an online learning reinforcement tool (4D QStream™). Some assignments have specific due dates and related to a particular module while others are self-paced. (20 hours total)


  • Internationally 


    ​Upon verified completion of all program elements, you'll receive a 4D TCCP Diploma with an official Coaching Certification Number and dedicated webpage on the CCA website recognizing you as an Internationally Certified 4D Transformative Coach.

International Accreditation

Become a 4D Certified Transformative Coach!

by 4D Associates International and the

Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA)

Upon verified completion of all Program Elements, participants receive an official 4D TCCP™ Diploma including a CCA 4D Certification Number and dedicated webpage recognizing them as an Internationally Certified 4D Transformative Coach™ licensed for 2 years with the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA), an independent body “dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism in coaching.” Certification status may be maintained by completing a 3-hour 4D Continuing Ed Module every 2 years, logging at least 4 hours of professional coaching within 6 months of re-certification and submitting a re-certification fee of $54 to the CCA.

What Our Clients, Coaches and Partners Have to Say:

Susana Ollero

Madrid, Spain

"I started working with Jay in early 2015 when he began training & coaching me in personal and professional leadership. Jay is honest, direct, transparent, empathic and very professional. I am a journalist and director of a not-for-profit organization for homeless people in Madrid, Spain, and I am also a client of Jay's as he prepares me to become a certified coach. I admire Jay's values, his sense of excellence and his high level of commitment and responsibility in transforming people... It's in his DNA!"


Atul Kapila

Texas, USA

"Jay is an innovative organizational consultant who understands the needs and challenges of building a great company. I have worked with Jay since the inception of my organization in 2006. With his guided expertise we have created employee retention, a large client base, and great bottom line results. If you are looking for someone to support your organization in stepping up to its next level there is none better in the business than Jay!"




Jenny Anaya

North Carolina, USA

"The TCP™ has been one of the most important decisions on my professional life. Through this program I have been able to create coaching clients that need support in different areas of their lives. The skills, abilities and tools taught in the program are extremely valuable and useful. I believe that God guided me with the right people to train myself to be of a good service to other human beings."





Ralph Campbell

Florida, USA

"I have taken dozens of workshops and obtained certifications in an array of leadership areas. With TCCP and their experiential learning methodology, the participant is left with discovering and creating their own learning. This experiential methodology, supported with an evidence-based, neuroscience driven,  learning reinforcement platform created out of Harvard(Qstream) and being used at all the top tier universities,  is second to none. No coaching program that I know of today, is using this technology. Most are the regurgitation models. Cognitive science tells us that is useful for short term learning and quickly erodes. TCCP is designed for long term usage of what is taught,  discovered and ultimately learned.​"





Kristin Lindell

Washington, D.C., USA

"Jay provided coaching to me over a period of six months. I really enjoyed working with him and made huge strides in my own professional growth. Jay helped me understand how to create more space for honesty and openness with my team as well as how to navigate conflict. Throughout our coaching sessions, Jay also taught me how I could start to coach my own direct reports, which I have found hugely valuable. My team really enjoyed learning about what I was doing in my coaching sessions and I was also able to teach them how practice more honesty and deal with conflict. I received many compliments from my direct reports as well as my boss in terms of how much I had changed for the better. I would highly recommend Jay as an executive coach!."




Daniel Martínez

Madrid, Spain

"I met Jay one year ago when I attended a conference he gave in Madrid on conflict resolution and emotional intelligence. He is now my coach and teacher in his Transformative Coaching Certification Program.  My experience of Jay is that he is very professional and demonstrates tremendous commitment towards his work and every person involved in his program.  He is intuitive, direct and clear as a coach. He is inspiring and empowering with people to break through their boundaries and achieve their goals. As a teacher, he is rigorous and honest and always prepared to listen and support his students, allowing them to discover their own way towards improving their skills and reaching their highest level of achievement."



Do I need a College degree?

Do I need a Certification to be a Coach?

Is the CCA a recognized accreditation as the ICF?

What's the title I will receive?

Is this Coaching Certification for Life or it must be renewed?

Are you going to provide clients for practice?

4D Associates International

Creator and designer of the TCP™ and Co-founder of 4D Associates International.

Jay holds a Masters of Science degree in Conflict Analysis & Resolution from George Mason University.

 Jay has completed extensive training and coursework in multiple disciplines including philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology among many other social sciences.


Francis Jay Caputo, M.S., CMC

Executive Director and Certified Master Coach

Co-founder of 4D Associates International, Certified Radical Honesty Trainer and Coach, Certified Experiential Learning Facilitator, and 13 years of experience as a Transformative Trainer in Latin America, USA, and Europe. Ely has a Degree in Business Management from the University of Panama and extensive experience in the private and pubic sector as well as with non-profit organizations. 

Elizabeth Ely Caputo, CMC

CEO and Certified Master Coach



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